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For the Love of Writing

(A division of Toffanello Consultant Services Inc.)



For the Love of Writing offers a full range of services to writers. From editing and proofreading to thorough copy editing, revision and rewriting, we offer whatever you will need to enhance, augment and enrich your work.

Let us help you present your ideas in words with clarity and purpose. We will transform your drafts into clear and graceful text with just the right word choice and colourful expression. The work we produce is excellent in quality, and we are always prepared to work with you to your greatest satisfaction to ensure that:

  • your message is clear, and that
  • the work has the greatest of reader appeal and that it is audience appropriate.

For the Love of Writing guarantees to offer only quality service in the editing process.


Developing your ideas

So, you have an idea! But you aren’t sure where to go with it. You’ve been working on a draft, but you just need someone to look over your shoulder and offer some support, engage in a planning dialogue and offer encouragement.

For the Love of Writing can help!

We offer guidance and support in helping you develop your ideas through a logical process that will help you write clearer and with more confidence. You need to remember that most professional writers have teams that help them through their process.

That’s us! We are your team.

We will guide you to developing your ideas with creative and editorial support. We will meet whatever deadlines you set, and the final result will be your writing ready for submission for publication.

Please note that For the Love of Writing is not a literary agent. It is your responsibility to send out proposal and submissions of completed work to publishers.  As well, we do not manage intellectual property rights or advise authors on career strategies. But we can help & guide you!


Ghost Writing

If you are someone who has a great idea and wants to put it in writing, but you don’t have the time, then let us do the writing for you.

In ghost writing, you will take all of the credit and reap all of the rewards. Our team will be there to follow your lead as you share your ideas as we articulate your story.

In this effort, we would set up a series of meetings to map out your idea and prepare an outline. In this session, you will brainstorm with us, throw your ideas on the table, and discuss where the story will go, providing as much detail as possible.

We will then meet at a date to be determined wherein you will review a draft of the manuscript. At this time, revisions and amendments will be discussed for the final manuscript which will be edited and completed within six months. At this time, you will have the option to submit.


Contact us today at: 

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