Paul Toffanello, doing what he loves: being a passionate educator. 

Paul Toffanello, doing what he loves: being a passionate educator. 


About Paul "Tuffy" Toffanello...

Paul J. Toffanello grew up in Timmins, Ontario- a small northern mining town that once held the distinction of being the greatest gold mining town in the world. He grew up in a family of five boys, nearly driving his mother crazy. He now resides in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata with his wife and his 3 daughters who have all inspired him over the years.

Paul is crazy about spooky stuff!

Paul majored in English at Carleton University in Ottawa and became a teacher in 1979. He taught elementary school for ten years and secondary school, as an English teacher, for another 5 years before he became a Principal. He eventually retired from the position of Director of Education in northeastern Ontario and spends much of his time reading, writing, and spending as much time as possible with family.

Paul had been writing most of his life, and the first draft of Popchuck’s Ghost was first penned in 1984, but it wasn’t until Paul met Frank B. Edwards  that he gave serious thought to publication. Go to www.bungalobooks.com to see more of Frank’s own writing. Paul is currently working on Book #3 of the Popchuck Chronicles.

Paul is looking forward to working with students and teachers in schools. Teachers & Principals, book a school visit with Paul here. The books are now slated to be made into films, so be on the lookout for that!