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Children’s Illustrated Story IN BLACKBURN HAMLET

In Blackburn Hamlet is a series of rhyming stories that introduce the world of spooky to young children. The stories are written for enjoyment and language development, and they provide ample opportunity for choral reading or dramatic activity for children. Parents and teachers will find the stories offer other opportunities for discussion, as well.

A 3-Part Children’s Picture-Book Series

Blackeye Mommaletti

Poor Mommaletti! He becomes a ghost in front of Nonno’s Pasta Shop and thinks that he came there for some pasta and some bread. Children will thrill at the possibility of running into this ghostly nuisance who will chase them to their homes. If he does, they will have to make Mommaletti some pasta with   squid!

A Ghastly Graveyard Grin

Little Danny Nells will never go trick-or-treating again as long as he lives! When mom and dad take young Danny out on the night of Hallowe’en, he decides to hide in a graveyard then scare his mom and dad when they come walking by. Unfortunately, something grabs his leg, and only after struggling, does he escape and run home in fright. Mom and Dad calm him down, but before he can fall asleep, he peeks out his window – and is terrified by what he sees!

Trashcan Twilight

Trashcan Twilight is the story of a young girl who, while babysitting, experiences a spooky encounter with dancing, chanting, garbage cans. The young lady watches in fascination only to find that she comes to an endearing understanding of the reason why the garbage cans do their dance.