• Popchuck's End brings history to life when Neil leads his friends on a trip to Salem, site of the infamous 1692 witch trails and the topic of their award-winning school project. Ally thinks she sees an ancient ancestor at a tourist attraction. Neil tries to track down a malevolent witch who has been stalking him since he left home and Adam considers putting his vacation brochures aside long enough to help defeat an evil plot against the entire human race! This is definitely not a good time for Popchuck's ghost to go missing.
  • My Teachers Are Witches? Neil, Ally and Adam are happy to be back at school after the scariest summer camp, ever. But there’s something very frightening about the Principal and some of the teachers who hold secret staff meetings after dark. While the rest of his classmates may be rushing home to plan their Hallowe’en adventures, Neil and Adam  are sneaking into their school – at night – to gather proof of a sinister plot brewing in the boiler room. In the meantime, Ally has some surprises of her own!
  • Ghosts at Summer Camp? Boisterous Neil and timid Adam, 12-year-old best friends, head off to Camp McAbre for the first time with distinctively different attitudes. Neil is excited by the thought of several days outdoors with a hundred other kids while Adam hates everything about camp except for the presence of attractive schoolmate Ally. Yet as the days go by, Adam becomes a super camper while Neil is dogged by bad luck that puts him in conflict with the creepy camp director, Charles Atrom. A bit of late night sleuthing leads Adam into a series of abandonned mine tunnels and glimpses of a ghost who may be responsible for Adam’s troubles.