Aileen Wright English Catholic School

Dear Paul,

We cannot thank you enough for your informative classroom presentation. You were even more of a hit than we had hoped! Our expectations were met, and exceeded. The time you spent with our students sharing your experiences growing up in Northern Ontario and your progression as a writer were duly appreciated. Your use of technology in regards to the video presentation was particularly engaging for our students. Your use of anecdotal tales from your childhood as well as creative writing tips for our budding authors was quite motivational. 

Further, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read a few chapters from your outstanding novel and answering our students’ endless questions. This inevitably led to you reading one more chapter. LOL! Any school would surely benefit by inviting you into their classrooms. This was truly a memorable and educational experience for our students.

P.S. Thanks for taking time to sign each student’s individual copy of the book.

With much appreciation,

Scott Tracy & Rosemary Rosso