Reviews & Comments

The following are a small number of the many emails and letters Paul Toffanello receives on a regular basis in support of his books and lectures. Paul adores teaching- visit the contact page to invite Paul to your school or theater!

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Teacher – Holy Family School

"My favourite part of this process is seeing how his confidence has grown.  He commented to Mrs Sherrard that maybe he could even consider being a journalist one day.  (This would have been an unthinkable thought a few months ago).  He has moved up two reading levels and constantly comes to me to share facts he has read in science books (his favourite choice of reading)...I am so proud of this little boy, I could cry.  I believe the affect you had on him has been life changing!"


Teacher - Aileen Wright English Catholic School

"We cannot thank you enough for your informative classroom presentation. You were even more of a hit than we had hoped! Our expectations were met, and exceeded. The time you spent with our students sharing your experiences growing up in Northern Ontario and your progression as a writer were duly appreciated."

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Review - reader

" For anyone who has ever been to camp and sat around a campfire and listened to ghost stories, they will certainly have an appreciation for this book and for those who have never been to camp this book will make you wish you had gone. This book is an exciting read for any age, but specifically its target audience of youth, it is not just a ghost story but also about friendship, adventure, and mystery, the ghost story does not aim to scare in a horror sense but to intrigue and excite the reader. This is the perfect ghost story for the young reader"