Balanced, well-paced and humourous!

/Balanced, well-paced and humourous!

Balanced, well-paced and humourous!

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If I had to think of three words to describe Paul’s writing style, they would be: balanced, well-paced and humourous. Balanced, in that he uses very vivid descriptions of scenery, people and people’s demeanor, yet can easily shift into colloquialisms and general situations that almost anybody can relate to. Nothing about the book feels ‘heavy’ at any given time.
It’s skillfully well-paced as the chapters aren’t too long and the story flows very nicely – without getting hung up in any particular area(s).
Humourous. Anyone who knows Tuffy, knows that he’s always been one who people could rely on for a wise crack or a well-placed witty comment – even the odd heartfelt dis 🙂 This certainly shines through in his writing.

As someone who would need some spectacular evidence to the existence of ghosts, Paul’s engaging and unobnoxious storytelling encouraged, in me, a healthy suspension of disbelief in the paranormal up until the end of the story. It’s just a fun book to read. Bravo, Paul!
I look forward to reading the next one!

Johan Pitkanen: Former Student