The Popchuck Chronicles in Film

//The Popchuck Chronicles in Film

The Popchuck Chronicles in Film

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Lisha Yakub Sevanian

Lisha Yakub Sevanian, producer and owner of Calgrove Media

Lisha Yakub Sevanian, producer and owner of Calgrove Media, a family film company based out of Santa Clarita, California, will be producing three films based on the trilogy, The Popchuck Chronicles. Lisha has worked closely with Paul Toffanello, author and creator of the series, in bringing these spooky stories to the big screen.

Starring Jet Jurgensmeyer is best known for his roles in American Sniper (2014), Legends of the Hidden Temple (2016), Devil’s Knot (2013), Adventures in Babysitting (2015) and Lil’ Rascals Saves the Day (2014). The first of the three Popchuck movies will begin shooting in early 2018

Author Paul Toffanello continues to write fiction novels for kids and presents at schools across Canada and the U.S. Paul recently completed a children’s illustrated book called In Blackburn Hamlet. He’s hoping to have it published in 2018.

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