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About the Series

Paul Toffanello’s first two novels in the popular Popchuck Chronicles trilogy have been enjoyed by thousands of children across Canada and the United States and the novels are used in classrooms as successful teaching tools. Popchuck’s Ghost and Popchuck’s Revenge are available to the general public!


Book 1: Popchuck's Ghost

Neil and Adam, two 12-year-old best friends, go off to summer camp together for the first time, but only one of them plans to enjoy himself. Adam is afraid of anything new, hates nature and just wants to go home. Meanwhile, Neil discovers a secret network of caves below the camp that seem linked to a series of mysteries ― and a troubled ghost. He needs someone to help him explore the caves and solve the mystery within.


Book 2: Popchuck's Revenge

Neil, Ally and Adam are happy to be back to school after the scariest summer camp ever! But there’s something very frightening about the principal and some of the teachers who keeps holding secret staff meetings after dark. The rest of their classmates may be rushing home to plan their Halloween adventures, but Neil and his friends sneak into school to gather proof of a sinister plot brewing in the boiler room!